Maintenance processΒΆ

General process for how things change:

  1. write up an issue in the Playdoh issue tracker

  2. discuss the issue until a consensus for solution is arrived at

  3. do the work—make sure to add tests where possible

  4. create a pull request adding a r? at the end of the description indicating the pull request is ready for review

  5. review happens

    This can take a while and go back and forth and involve multiple people. At some point the pull request is approved.

  6. the reviewer who r+ the pull request presses the Merge button

  7. for playdoh-lib changes and any non-trivial changes for the other repos, an email should go out to dev-webdev mailing list. See Getting help and contacting playdoh devs for details on the mailing list.

  8. Victory dance!