Testing playdoh-lib changes

Will tests playdoh-lib changes by pushing the updates to his github clone, then adding that github clone to one of his projects, fetching the changes and running the tests in his project.

Testing funfactory changes

funfactory has two sides:

  1. funfactory the library

    You can add your funfactory clone as a remote to your project, get the changes and run your project’s tests.

  2. funfactory the playdoh project builder

    You can run the tests. funfactory uses tox and the instructions are in README.rst in the funfactory repository.

Depending on the changes you’re making it probably makes sense to do both of these.

Testing playdoh changes

To test template changes, you want to run the funfactory tests with the FF_PLAYDOH_REMOTE and FF_PLAYDOH_BRANCH environment settings set.

For more details, see the README.rst in the funfactory repository.

You will also probably want to create a playdoh project with your changes and make sure they work correctly.