There are a number of libraries that either come bundled with playdoh or are otherwise useful for it. The list is incomplete.

For a full list of enhancements enabled by default, check out the feature list.

Note: Libraries marked with an *asterisk* are bundled with playdoh by default.



Deferred Execution (cron, message queues)


Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (L10n)

  • Babel*: A collection of tools for internationalizing Python applications.
  • pytz: World Timezone Definitions for Python.
  • tower*: A library that builds on Babel and Jinja2 to make extracting strings easy and uniform.
  • The Translate Toolkit*: Tools for working between translation formats.


  • commonware*: Middlewares and other stuff we share.
  • django-mobility*: Middleware and decorators for directing users to your mobile site.


Security and Data Sanitization

  • bleach*: An easy, HTML5, whitelisting HTML sanitizer.
  • django-sha2*: Monkey-patches strong password hashing support into Django.
  • happyforms: Extension to Django Forms that strips spaces.
  • django-session-csrf*: Replaces Django’s cookie-based CSRF method with a session-based one, in order to mitigate certain cookie-forging attacks.

Templates and Caching

  • django-cache-machine: Automatic caching and invalidation for Django models through the ORM.
  • jingo*: An adapter for using Jinja2 templates with Django.
  • jingo-minify*: Concatenate and minify JS and CSS for Jinja2 + Jingo + Django.
  • hera: Client for Zeus Traffic Manager SOAP API.


  • django-fixture-magic: Utilities to extract and manipulate Django fixtures.
  • django-nose*: Django test runner using nose.
  • nose*: nose extends unittest to make testing easier.
  • test-utils*: A grab-bag of testing utilities that are pretty specific to our Django, Jinja2, and nose setup.


  • nuggets*: Little utilities that don’t deserve a package.


  • jQuery*: The jQuery JavaScript library.