Support for Mobile DevicesΒΆ

Playdoh enables you to create Django apps that run on mobile devices using the django-mobility middleware which negotiates between user agents. In your templates, you can check if you’re in mobile like this:

{% if request.MOBILE %}
  {{ _('This text is only visible on mobile devices.') }}
{% endif %}

In your views module you can use the mobility decorator to toggle between templates:

from mobility.decorators import mobile_template

def home(request, template=None):
    # ...
    return jingo.render(request, template, data)

See the django-mobility documentation for more details about setting up your backend.

For frontend mobile strategies like media queries and other alternatives, check out Approaches to Mobile Web Development followed by Part 2 (Separate Sites) and Part 3 (Responsive Design).

To develop mobile sites you can simulate various headers using the User Agent Switcher for Firefox.